1. Visit our selected properties within the area of Greece.

2. Proceed to the signing of a preliminary agreement that will include the exact features of the property, the property price, the date and the exact amount of the down payment and the date of the signing of the sales contract, together with any other agreed terms that will be concluded.

3. Sign a Power of Attorney mandate to our lawyer in order to:

  • Apply for a Greek tax number.
  • Open a bank account in a Greek bank ( documents required - Copy of passport, proof of Greek tax number, proof of profession, proof of permanent address).
  • Settle the payment of the transfer tax for the property acquisition.
  • Proceed in all the necessary, legally binding actions, in order for the purchase of the property to be completed, including the signing of the transfer contract before the notary public.
  • Apply the file (documents required in the Note below) for the residence permit before the competent Ministry.

4. Proceed to propertytransfer through the followings :

a. Before the transfer:

  • The buyer will get a full due diligence report of the property.
  • The buyer will transfer the total of the purchase amount to its personal account in Greece, including taxes and relevant expenses.
  • The buyer will pay the transfer taxes.

b. During the transfer:

  • The purchase contract will be signed before a notary.
  • The payment will be performed through a bank check issued at the time of the purchase contract.

c. After the transfer:  

  • The new title deed will be filed at the Land registry authority.
  • All relevant documentation required for the residence applications will be properly submitted.
  • A valid health insurance with international coverage for the applicant and all family members should be issued.
  • A set of medical exams for the applicant and all family members has to be carried out.

The aforementioned actions will be implemented by our company on behalf of you with the use of the relative power of attorney.

5. Apply for the long term residence permit

Our Company will apply -with the use of the power to attorney mandate- for the applicant and all his/her family members (if any). The applicant and his/her family members will receive the final residence permit valid for 5 years. After 5 years the long term residence permit will be renewed unlimited for as long as they remain owners of the investment.